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Greenwater RO – Reverse Osmosis

The Greenwater desalination solutions turn salt water into safe fresh water, from 100 – 800 litres/hours depending on model.

Reverse osmosis is a process used to desalinate seawater and make it safe to drink by eliminating microorganisms, heavy metals, radioactive substances, industry- and agricultural chemicals, chloride, fluoride and petrochemical substances.

After the elimination process, it is possible to add minerals to the water in order to achieve a safe and healthy drinking water.

We tailor the product to comply with your requirements of size and on or off grid options.


Technical specifications

Greenwater RO 20.02.15
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GW 100 RO, GW 200 RO, GW 400 RO, GW 600 RO, GW 800 RO


Our products are tested and certified according to Swedish and EU standards and we follow strict regulations placed upon processes used for human consumption.

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