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Greenwater kit

The mobile Greenwater Kit purifies water in all kind of environments independently of infrastructure. The Kit gives access to safe drinking water in a simple and safe way. The process is free from chemicals and is powered by solar panels, making it very environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Technical specifications

Greenwater kit 20.02.14
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The Kit is both easy to set up and to control and it delivers more than 650 litres/hour of safe and good-tasting drinking water.

The unit is compatible to existing grid or infrastructure for water and electricity supply. In off-grid mode the battery runs for 10 hours and need only 4 hours of sunlight per day to recharge the battery.

Greenwater Kit is a complete water purification system that eliminates chloride resistant bacteria, viruses, amoebas, parasites, particles, bad smell and taste and is equipped with high quality components, e. g. particle and carbon filters, UV-lamp and a modern battery technology.

In order to secure water safety, the system is equipped with an alarm that shuts down the process and the production of drinking water should any of the separate components of the system not be operating perfectly.

The Kit is constructed for tough conditions, the solar panels, safely placed inside the unit during transportation, are laminate with “desert storm proof protective foil, in order to ensure the proper function of the off-grid charging mode.

The transportation of the Kit is facilitated by the fold-in handles, making it easily carry and be transported to poorly accessible locations.

The Greenwater Kit is CE certified according to Swedish and EU standards.

Our products are tested and certified according to Swedish and EU standards and we follow strict regulations placed upon processes used for human consumption.


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